Integrating the body, breath & mind.

PC: Jay Shankar

About Svāsthyam

Svāsthyam, the new offering from Ritambhara, is a holistic approach that brings together body, breath and mind in the true lineage of Krishnamacharya Yoga. Led by experienced instructors, the courses are designed to bring about overall wellbeing for women, stressed executives and senior citizens.

Uniquely structured, the initial 1-month course is designed to bring in the habit of regular practice – the biggest stumbling block for most aspiring practitioners. Well-being is an integral part of ourselves and needs a holistic approach. The focus in Svasthyam is not just on asanas but on integrating the body with breath and the mind through reflective work, addressing each of the aspects of an individual- no matter the age and gender.

The Svāsthyam program starts with a 1-month course, followed by a 3-month course for those who wish to pursue further.

Do reach out to those in your network who may benefit from this. It’s Ritambhara’s initiative in getting the world to experience the coming together of body, breath and mind – Svāsthyam.

For further details, email or WhatsApp Hari at +919966900337.

Svasthyam for Executives

In an eat-lunch-or-be-lunch environment, in work-from-home but perform-in-a-stadium demands, in a tightrope walk between work and home, today’s executives find themselves constantly on edge. The demands on their time, emotions and intellect are superhuman, the atmosphere thus created almost subhuman. In an environment like this, most burn out and crash, some continue but at sub-par levels and others keep going relentlessly knowing there is no choice. And no solution. Are you one of them? Do you think there is no solution? Fortunately, there is one.

Steeped in ancient Indic wisdom, a tried and tested pathway is available, now offered for you – with Svasthyam. The Svāsthyam solution integrates the body breath and mind to take you in a step-by-step process from stress to bliss. The course has been designed to not just familiarize you with practices steeped in the Indic tradition on Yoga but also be able to create a routine that makes space for these practices. It’s your first step to experience work-life balance that you’ve been striving so hard to achieve all these years. Isn’t it time you took an executive decision? Take this one step. The rest will be clearer.

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Course Details

Upcoming Batches:
Start Date: 18th July 2022
Class Timing: 
Students Residing in USA: 6.00 AM PST 
Students Residing in India: 6.30 PM IST 
Duration of Course: 4 Weeks / 15 Sessions
  Week 1: Monday to Friday
       Week 2: Monday to Thursday
Week 3: Mon - Wed - Fri
Week 4: Mon - Wed - Fri
Course Fee: USD 190 (For International Residents)
          INR 9500 (For Indian Residents)

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