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Integrating Body-Breath-Mind

Svasthyam, the new offering from Ritambhara, is a holistic approach that brings together body, breath and mind in the true lineage of Krishnamacharya Yoga. Led by experienced instructors, the courses are designed to bring about overall wellbeing for women, stressed executives and senior citizens.

Uniquely structured, the initial 1-month course is designed to bring in the habit of regular practice – the biggest stumbling block for most aspiring practitioners. Well-being is an integral part of ourselves and needs a holistic approach.

The focus in Svasthyam is not just on asanas but on integrating the body with breath and the mind through reflective work, addressing each of the aspects of an individual- no matter the age and gender.  

The Svasthyam program starts with a 1-month course, followed by a 3-month course for those who wish to pursue further. Svasthyam programs are offered for a global audience across various time zones.

We are excited to welcome you to this initiative by Ritambhara in getting the world to experience the coming together of body, breath and mind – Svasthyam.

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Svāsthyam For Caregivers

Svāsthyam for Caregivers is a specially designed 4-week program that is designed for caregivers – with a clear focus on getting you to enrich yourself one breath at a time.  The program is designed to get you into a habit – so necessary for a lifestyle where you don’t have much control.  So take time to step back and give yourself some time. Look after them better because you are looking after yourself.  

Svasthyam For Executives

The Svāsthyam solution integrates the body breath and mind to take you in a step-by-step process from stress to bliss. The course has been designed to not just familiarize you with practices steeped in the Indic tradition on Yoga but also be able to create a routine that makes space for these practices. It’s your first step to experience work-life balance that you’ve been striving so hard to achieve all these years. Isn’t it time you took an executive decision? Take this one step. The rest will be clearer.

"Another wonderful experience from the Ritambhara. Both Partha & Hari have excellent understanding and sensitivity towards the discipline of yoga in its entirety. Thank you for the opportunity."

Manoj P
Reading, UK
Svasthyam for Executives

 "...a well planned and organised program for working professionals. Asanas taught were...for people sitting long day at work...inner work sessions...helped us in understanding ourselves." 

Sreya Uma
London, UK
Svasthyam for Executives

 "The program combined yoga philosophy, asana practice, and inner work sessions in a cohesive, transformative offering. I discovered a lot about myself...and felt well supported.

Bhavya R
Oxford, UK
Svasthyam for Executives

Svasthyam For Women

The Svāsthyam program designed for women to discover the friend within and approach every day with gentleness and compassion not just for others but also for yourself.  Join this to discover how much more time a productive mind can give you and how comfortable you can be with the ebbs and flows of life.

"If you are searching for a workshop that engages you at a body and mind level, look no further. The program is very well crafted and is a must-attend for women who want to start their journey towards wholesome wellness."

Nithya S
Chennai, India
Svasthyam for Women

 "Both Partha and Mrinalini have the critical ability to challenge us while keeping the classes enjoyable and informative. I definitely felt a deep stretch and felt very relaxed during and after our sessions." 

Ramya G
Ashburn, USA
Svasthyam for Women

"...recommend the Svasthyam program! Instructors are awesome and each session is set up to perfectly balance the physical and mental / emotional...the course leaves participants with a solid flow for physical practice."

Shalini S
Charlotte, USA
Svasthyam for Women

Experienced Instructors

Svasthyam courses are taught by certified yoga therapists and instructors with extensive teaching experience across group and personal one-to-one classes in the online medium.

Follow True Lineage

Svasthyam courses are taught by experienced instructors who teach yoga in the authentic lineage of Sri T Krishnamacharya, renowned world over as the Father of Modern Yoga. 

Discover a Sangha

Svasthyam courses help you connect at a deeper level with yourself and in the process discover a community of practitioners who are keen to embark on a journey of integrating their body, breath and mind.